Mea Culpa, lessons learned in startups

Founder mental health struggles: Break the stigma surrounding mental health.

December 28, 2020

As the last episode of 2020: An open and revealing talk with 2 people about mental health. We have Megan Lam, CEO / Co-founder of Neurum, a digital behavioral health company providing a mental wellness solution for workforce mental health, and Justin Kung, Founder at Everyday Empathy, a private practice providing coaching, counseling, and training for people to achieve their professional and personal goals. They talked about founder mental health, a highly important issue in the startup world but, unfortunately, often overlooked.

If you are experiencing psychological distress and need instant support, you can reach out at:

For people in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Emergency Hotlines
Family Crisis Support 18 288
Suicide Prevention Services 2382 000
The Samaritan Befrienders HK 2389 2222
The Samaritan (Multi-lingual Suicide Prevention) 2896 000

For people in US: US Emergency Hotlines, Lifeline Crisis Chat, Essential Local and Community Service 211

Or find your local contact information online.

Let us know who you want to hear sharing on this podcast. Thanks to Mizuho Hong Kong for being the venue sponsor for this episode and thanks to Kohpy Ventures for making this series possible.

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