Mea Culpa, lessons learned in startups

Get your co-founder agreement in place! - Paul Orlando

November 10, 2020

In this episode: Paul Orlando, Professor at USC and the Incubator Director for their internal incubator/accelerator program. Before that, he ran several accelerators and boot camps. To date has guided hundreds of companies. Recently he wrote his 2nd book: Growth Units, on Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value. He writes regularly about the unintended consequences of new tech, policy, and business growth.

Please find the discount link here:

Growth Units book on Gumroad:
Startup Sacrilege book on Gumroad:
Unintended Consequences:
Growth Units book on Amazon (paperback and Kindle):

Let us know who you want to hear sharing on this podcast. Thanks to Mizuho Hong Kong for being the venue sponsor for this episode and thanks to Kohpy Ventures for making this series possible.

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